Hi, Twitter.

We wanted to give you a better idea of what we're doing with our app. We've created two giant-sized Amazon Dash Buttons that tweet from our account, @bringatob, when someone pushes the button.


Bring A to B is an awareness campaign for Birmingham, as part of their bid for the second Amazon Headquarters. We created this experiential activation as a way for the Birmingham community to get involved with the project, much like our giant Amazon Prime boxes. The goal was to let them have a hand in ‘sending a message’ to Amazon.


The app runs on a Raspberry Pi that’s hooked up to a momentary button. When the button is pressed, a random tweet is picked from a pre-approved list, and sent out from our Twitter, @bringatob. If the tweet posts, a green light flashes on the device.

We're very interested in quickly fixing any issues with our implementation that may concern you.

Thank you! Here are some photos of our install completed on October 6th, 2017. Additional assets can be found on our Media hub.

- The Bring A to B Team

A video of the Button #1 in action.
Button #1 installed at Pizitz Food Hall.
Button #2 installed at UAB's Hill Student Center.